Scoring a PCT permit for the 2017 season has been a mixed bag.  True, there's no worry about water sources along the trail(although you still carry up to 7 liters for 25 mile stretches in the SoCal desert), but you also have to contend with the unusual snow pack in the Sierra and Cascades - and the coinciding high level river crossings.                                         

I had intended to finish by the beginning of September, but with the added elements of snow and water slowing down daily mileage for much of the way, it looks like I'll likely finish near the end of the month.

As soon as I return, I'll get the WFA and CPR classes posted for the Rush Ranch location, and I'll be available to schedule classes at other locations.

Thanks, everyone, for looking into making our outdoor community safer and more responsible!  Have a terrific summer and I'll see you in September!

May Through September 2017

                          (My PCT Adventure)