Wilderness First Aid -$205

Why do you need Wilderness First Aid, if you've already taken advanced First Aid from a reputable organization? 

"My skate buddy broke his ankle when he peaced off a switch stance nosegrind on the Library rail. I called 911 and the Librarian gave me an ice pack to control the swelling until the ambulance arrived."

That's great! But what if you had no cell phone, no ice pack, no Librarian, and you had to get your friend through miles of back yards, climb multiple fences and drop off several walls before you could get any help?

Wilderness First Aid prepares you to assess and treat injury and illness with limited resources, in remote settings, for extended periods of time.

Our program provides valuable training in an enjoyable, hands-on format. You'll learn a practical, step-by-step approach to WFA that allows you to build the skills and confidence you'll need to manage emergencies in the backcountry.

AHA BLS for Healthcare Providers

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Group Classes

Dispatching your trip leaders to untamed locales with trusting bands of enthusiasts always involves risk. Strengthen your group by encouraging training  - we'll work with you on scheduling, location and pricing.

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American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers is offered in two AHA approved formats: Classroom Instruction and blended learning (a self-guided online education component combined with an Instructor-led Skills Demonstration Session).

Click here for the AHA description of the Classroom Course, and click here for the information on the blended learning program.